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Direct-To-Film (DTF) Transfers: Unleash Your Creativity

Bring your custom designs to life with our unique direct-to-film (DTF) decoration process. Our high-quality DTF prints offer long-lasting durability, vibrant colors, and dynamic details. With no minimums, complete versatility, and the ability to print any number of colors with no restrictions on intricate details, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to print both small or large orders.

Direct-To-Film (DTF) Transfers: Unleash Your Creativity

What Is A DTF Transfer?

With direct-to-film, like the name suggests, the design transfer is printed onto a film which is then pressed onto a garment or fabric using a heat press. It’s a highly durable and versatile technique, which means that unlike many other methods in the market, you can print on any material!

What Are The Benefits Of DTF Transfers?

DTF transfers offer a host of key benefits for decorating custom apparel:

1. High-Resolution Prints: Direct-to-film transfers produce high-definition images, allowing for complex, intricate designs with remarkable clarity and precision.

2. Vibrant Colors: DTF captures a full spectrum of rich, vibrant colors that stay true to your original design, giving life to your apparel.

3. Long-Lasting Durability: Transferred designs are built to withstand the test of time, resisting multiple washes without fading, peeling, or cracking.

4. Flexibility with Fabrics: Direct-to-film can be applied to a wide range of fabrics, broadening your possibilities for custom apparel.

5. Soft Feel: Unlike some methods that create a stiff, heavy design, custom DTF transfers are smooth to the touch, maintaining the comfort of your apparel.

6. Consistency: Direct-to-film provides consistent results, ensuring each piece of apparel in your order maintains the same high-quality appearance.

7. Scalability: Whether you need a small or large batch of custom apparel, direct-to-film transfers can efficiently handle varying order sizes without compromising quality.

Use DTF Transfers For Full Color Designs, With Intricate Details

Use DTF Transfers For Full Color Designs, With Intricate Details
Use DTF Transfers For Full Color Designs, With Intricate Details
Use DTF Transfers For Full Color Designs, With Intricate Details

DTF Transfer FAQs

How does DTF differ from DTG?

Direct-to-film offers much greater versatility in the apparel products it can be adhered to, regardless of the material. DTF also provides more durable prints and more intricate designs.

How long does DTF last?

DTF prints are able to withstand 60+ washes while other methods such as DTG can only withstand 6-10 before fading. They can last the lifetime of the garment when cared for correctly.

Does DTF last longer than vinyl?

Yes, DTF is far more durable than vinyl. As the ink is bonded to the fabric, a custom DTF transfer will not crack or fade over time.

Are there any restrictions on materials?

No – that’s one of the biggest benefits of custom DTF transfers. You can choose any material, and your DTF print will be vibrant and long lasting. Other methods like DTG require 100% cotton. With direct-to-film, you can print on 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, nylon and so much more. You are also not restricted by the color of your fabric and can print on both dark and light.

Is there a minimum order size for DTF transfers?

No. You can order a single t-shirt or hoodie decorated with direct-to-film, 1,000 or more!